Pastors Elijah and Lissette Rodriguez, have been functioning under various roles of ministry with the same continued goal; to seek the presence of God and through His tangible, manifested existence, change the lives of all they encounter.

As effective communicators of God’s Word, the couple is widely known for their practical and dynamic preaching and teaching style, functioning in the shared gifts as teacher, preacher, worshiper and in the prophetic. Though things have not always been easy, this duo along with their family, grounded in faith, have taken life’s experiences and utilized their growth in God to push through those times of crisis…turning their tests into testimonies. Keeping it real has been their key to helping others apply the timeless truths of Scripture to everyday life.

Both natives to New Jersey, both Pastors Elijah and Lissette Rodriguez are revered by their peers both in the secular as well as the spiritual platform. This humble couple has an undying passion for ministry, and with their passion and the direction of God, Hope Worship Center was birthed.

As vessels of the Kingdom, both Pastors Elijah and Lissette Rodriguez understand and embrace the significant role God has given them to play in the lives of the church and community; being used as tools of change, that their spirit-filled preaching will touch the lives of many and many souls will be saved.

Pastors Elijah and Lissette Rodriguez have been married for over 27 years and continue in ministry with their 5 children; Jeremiah, Vanessa, Leah, Rebecca and Marcus.